Obtain the talent you need, exactly when you need it

Specialized Staffing Firm

Accelerating your business’s growth and efficiency with flexible and specialized staffing processes


We can help you cover seasonal increases, staff leaves of absence and vacation periods.

Temporary Staffing (hours)

Engage our specialized staff by the hour for specific projects and obtain complete flexibility.

Temporary Staffing (weeks)

Our service ensures qualified staff and continuous support for medium and long-term projects.

Temporary Staffing (months)

We offer efficient monthly staffing solutions for long-term projects with specialized staff.


Optimize your recruitment process

Reduce costs

By partnering with OnePro, you can reduce your hiring costs.

Lower the risk

Lower the risk of hiring errors.

Cut down administrative workload

With OnePro you can significantly cut down on your administrative workload.

How we work

Working with clients and candidates

Working with clients

At OnePro Human Capital, we focus on understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of our clients. We conduct a detailed analysis and carefully select candidates who align with the company’s requirements, goals, and culture.

We offer comprehensive services, and our added value is continuous training for our staff, ensuring they stay at the forefront of the latest trends and techniques in their respective fields. With OnePro Human Capital, you not only get qualified personnel, but also a committed partner in the success of your project.

Working with candidates

At OnePro Human Capital, we value and support our candidates. We highlight their unique skills during the placement process and offer personalized professional guidance. We are committed to their growth and development, providing continuous training and opportunities for advancement.

At OnePro Human Capital, candidates are not just numbers; they are valuable partners in our mission. You will find in us a respectful and dedicated partner in your professional success.

METRO +20 experience years

OnePro Human Capital is a subsidiary of Metro Detroit SOS Home Services, a company with over 20 years of experience in home services. OnePro focuses on specialized staffing in Michigan and Florida, leveraging the knowledge and reputation of its parent company. Both entities collaborate to provide comprehensive and high-quality solutions in the home services and staffing market.

OnePro is a leading staffing firm specializing in professional talent placement within the states of Michigan and Florida, USA. Our core commitment is to drive client success by streamlining their recruitment processes and effectively managing their staffing needs.




Michigan and Florida, USA

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