OnePro is dedicated to optimizing your recruitment process in the specific industries that form our niche market.

Temporary Staffing hours

At OnePro Human Capital, we offer flexible staffing that adapts to your needs. Hire our specialized staff by the hour for specific projects and gain complete flexibility and cost control. Only pay for the hours you need and focus your attention on the success of your project.

Temporary Staffing Weeks

At OnePro Human Capital, we offer flexible weekly staffing, providing adaptable and cost-effective solutions for your personnel needs. Our weekly service ensures qualified personnel and continuous support for medium and long-term projects. Trust in our quality, performance, and expert human resource management.

Temporary Staffing Months

At OnePro Human Capital, we offer efficient monthly staffing solutions for long-term projects. We provide specialized personnel along with their constant management and supervision, including regular performance check-ins. Our Continuous Personal Development program ensures that the team is highly trained and up-to-date, capable of adapting to changes and challenges in the work environment. You don’t just hire a service; you partner with a team.

OnePro is a leading staffing firm specializing in professional talent placement within the states of Michigan and Florida, USA. Our core commitment is to drive client success by streamlining their recruitment processes and effectively managing their staffing needs.



Michigan and Florida, USA

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